*Dream Bubble* Vegan 🌱 Lip Gloss (Cruelty Free)
*Dream Bubble* Vegan 🌱 Lip Gloss (Cruelty Free)
*Dream Bubble* Vegan 🌱 Lip Gloss (Cruelty Free)
*Dream Bubble* Vegan 🌱 Lip Gloss (Cruelty Free)

*Dream Bubble* Vegan 🌱 Lip Gloss (Cruelty Free)

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Everyone is entitled to feel confident, secure and strong. You have the power and ability to create all the success and prosperity you desire.

Our 29 vegan lipglosses are infused with Vitamin E and natural oils to moisturize lips while giving them a healthy shine for strong, confident individuals that consciously attract success and happiness.

These glosses are available in a plethora of gorgeous colors to create subtle to glamorous looks that will suit any occasion and exude tranquility and charm wherever you go.

They are enough to get you motivated, focused and passionate about your life and work. Happiness, fulfillment, success and inner peace are achieved by the power of believing in yourself, focusing on the brighter side of life and expecting positive results and when you look good you feel good!

These Fafah lipglosses are an embodiment of courage, confidence, energy and poise that will make you say “I am confident! I am courageous! I am worthy! I like who I am!”

They glide on your lips with utmost grace and composure for an everlasting and glassy long lasting finish leaving you feeling self-confident and happy with yourself throughout the day.

The formula is infused with expertly curated ingredients that saturate your lips with a high impact shine and vibrant color without any stickiness or residue for an enviably lustrous shine and a more energetic, enthusiastic and confident YOU.

Why It's Special
  • Experience unbelievably rich pigment in a single swipe with a buttery-soft, velvet-matte finish
  • Luxe, heavyweight packaging features a magnetic closure and embedded logos
  • Available in a wide range of shades—from the perfect red to the darkest black
How to Use

Twist the bullet and apply directly to the lips. We recommend exfoliating your lips with fafah lip scrub first for the smoothest application.