The Voice that can Move Mountains

A woman with a voice is by definition a very strong woman, but when she knows when to raise it for herself, she becomes an intellectually vigorous woman. In a patriarchal world, where the basic women rights are also being oppressed, having a voice of your own means a lot. 

There are women around the globe who are living in a state of life where they play small and are appreciated for the fact that they stay quiet and don’t really own a voice. They get oppressed on a regular basis because of the fact that they want to own a voice and do something which they really care for and love. In many parts of this strange world we witness many women suffering the hold of a patriarchal society and getting their dreams shattered in the name of religious or cultural rituals. 

But does that really mean that we will have to keep playing small all our lives and die one day without anyone knowing that we existed. Well No! This is not what we are meant for. We have a voice and we have to own it nevertheless. We have to excel and show the world that we can do anything which pleases us and will play big at any cost.

Since I have personally witnessed this immorality and struggled in achieving my dreams and goals, I want to make sure that women around the world work on themselves and strive hard for the sake of their dreams, with FAFAH VEGAN COSMETICS I aim to motivate women to own their voice and play big in their lives. We will achieve this feat very soon when every woman will be able to be the queen she deserves to be. FAFAH VEGAN COSMETICS aims to amplify the voice of ambitious young girls and women to empower women from all walks of life to strive hard to achieve their goals.

Because every voice echoed resonates to a magnitude that can move mountains.

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