31 years ago my life changed forever.
I was 5 years old …living in the country of Cameroon in Africa and 5 words changed my life
You. Look. Like. A. Boy
I want to tell you the story about the invisible woman. 
That woman was ME
“You will never be successful,” some family members told me.
 ... Why…?
Because I was a woman.
Let me tell you how the culture is in most parts of Cameroon. Unfortunately, in that country, most women don't have a voice and 
It’s always been this way. They’re told to keep quiet and they’re not allowed to express their feelings
I was praised for playing “SMALL.” 
I was celebrated for being quiet.
And the whole time…this invisible girl - was dying inside. 
I never felt beautiful – in fact, I felt ugly.
Because I loved basketball… I was told - I look like a boy.
Can you believe that??? THAT, was my reality.
But you know what…???
never accepted that.
Even though I felt invisible at the time…I refused to believe that I was anything other than perfect
And I made it my life’s mission to make sure NO OTHER WOMAN EVER felt less than perfect. 
I believe I was put on this planet to help women own their voices.
There is no greater feeling than seeing a smile on a woman’s face when she realizes how beautiful she truly is.
THAT – is my why. 
My name is Clemence Famen (Missfafah)  I’m the CEO and founder of FAFAH VEGAN COSMETICS… A high-end, ethically sourced beauty brand. 
We represent:
• Self-love
• Inner beauty  
• outer appearance
🔜 The full story is coming soon 🔜 


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