FAFAH FASHION LLC celebrates the first anniversary of their makeup line on Sunday November 22nd 

 In a World where businesses are popping left, right and center, it is not as difficult to start a brand as it is to keep it standing on its own feet. But nothing speaks for one like great products. Having begun as a makeup line in 2019, to now one of the fastest growing beauty brands, Fafah Fashion LLC is still evolving; growing and improving on a journey of self-empowerment through their vegan cruelty free products.

This November marks the first anniversary of the FAFAH MAKEUP LINE , a celebration of the true inner beauty of women an men that can be accentuated with self-love and self-affirmation.

FAFAH’s mission is to provide a makeup line that encourages you to practice self-love each and every day of your life. Every thought that goes through our mind and every word uttered through our lips is an affirmation that is guiding and directing our lives, which is why each product comes with a unique, positive affirmation designed to redirect your habitual thinking patterns. Fafah Makeup Line is THE feel-good addition to your makeup bag and your lives with positive affirmations encasing trend-led powerful palettes.

FAFAH brings you vegan cruelty-free makeup that provides real results you can see and feel. We also believe your daily makeover routines should be powered by self-love, which is why every one of our products comes with a unique, positive affirmation.

Join us on the one year anniversary of FAFAH MAKEUP LINE, the first of many to come, on November 22nd, 2020 in Kentland Gaithersburg MD from 2:00pm and celebrate YOUR makeup line and its sole purpose to make YOU look and feel beautiful inside out!

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