Birthday and Book Release Celebration
Sunday, December 26th 
We all came into this world with different fortunes and challenges. Without a doubt, life is difficult, but not terribly difficult. The only trouble is that we keep convincing ourselves that we are the only ones in the world who are suffering the most.  Others may have had a more difficult road than we had, but what counts is how they managed to find a way out.
If more people shared their own tales of pain, we would see how similar we all are. We only need to gain from one another in order to win the race of life and achieve the peace of mind that YVETTE KAMSU discovered by conquering life's trials while never losing hope.

In the midst of happiness and misery, life and death, YVETTE KAMSU aka JENNIFER ASHLEY stayed positive and smiled through all of life's trials. It was not simple to start a life in a third-world nation in Cameroon, where people live hand to mouth and live lives that are far from average.

But this isn't all; YVETTE KAMSU opted to lead a life that would make it possible for her to achieve her goals despite all of life's challenges. Her biography and journey to achieve what she has now will undoubtedly make you reflect on your own struggles in the mirror of her life.

YVETTE will begin a new year of her lovely life on Sunday, December 26th. And on this special day, she wishes to give the world her lovely piece of writing, which will help you find your way through perseverance with her wonderfully composed book, published on her big day.

Make your registration today, and expect to read a book that is more of a piece of life advice.


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