Makeup Artist and Visionary makes her mark at DC Fashion Week



DC fashion week is one of the few big things about District of Columbia which happens twice a year. It is a great platform for local models and designers as well to showcase their skills and talent in front of a big audience. The DCFW has an amazing and talented Glam Squad team formed of makeup artists, hair stylists and much more. This time in 2021 cycle 35, Missfafah finally talked trends in the DC fashion week as a part of the Glam Quad.

Miss Fafah offered makeup artistry services for the runway so that the new models can feel more confident than ever and showcase their talent on the ramp walk. The fresh models got their favorite looks with gluten-free makeup and set the ramp on fire with their finely done makeovers. Surely simple does not mean boring. Fafah stole the show! The complementary lip and eye combo of warm pink and soft pecan had autumn written all over it.

Miss Fafah has always been quite keen on becoming an icon for all of those makeup artists who want to support local talent. Even in lockdown, when times were pretty tough for local artists, she arranged online sessions where she supported and guided them regarding makeup artistry.

So what are you waiting for? Watch Dc Fashion week and witness Miss Fafah’s recent contribution to Glam Quad where you will finally witness the perfection in her hands.

Don’t miss out on anything and watch the highlights of Saturday and Sunday to appreciate the local talent in the most mesmerizing outfits and eye-catching makeup by Miss Fafah.


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