Fafah cosmetics is a brand that that encourages women to practice self-love each and every day of their lives. Every thought that goes through our mind and every word uttered through our lips is an affirmation that is guiding and directing our lives, which is why Fafah aims and aspires to build women up and give them the confidence to stand tall and with courage against all the injustice that might befall their way. What can be better that celebrating beauty and supporting the society with a cause? We want to celebrate life and the best way to do it is to celebrate with those who deserve it the most.

We are honored to announce that FAFAH COSMETICS supported The LIBERTAS FASHION SHOW on October 23rd in Sterling LA. The event aims to help the sex trafficking survivors and to build safe homes for them. We believe that every person is special and that they can do wonders if provided with the right amount of care and love. We wish to see the sex trafficking survivors living their best life.

That’s not all, we have something for everyone! Our esteemed models will
have a golden opportunity to experience extraordinary makeup services by Fafah herself and vip bags for the specials guests. Isn’t it what every woman dreams of? No doubt, after all, every woman deserves it for being a wife, partner, mother, organizer, and queen of the family at the same time. Truly a Make Up Lover’s Galore!

All proceeds and donations from the fashion show will gostraight into supporting sex trafficking victims, and is centered on building them homes and providing them safe places to live in. The fashion show is to remind people of beauty in the world amongst these horrible crimes. Trafficking is hugely a women’s issue. Fafah is a long time supporter and advocate of Women Rights and Women Empowerment. She aims to help women feel they have the confidence to discover their passion and potential for empowerment and wants to provide real steps and tools for young girls to empower themselves.

Libertas fashion show will be showcasing the collection of a plethora of famous designers that will entertain the supportive guests. Book your seats now and enjoy an evening of Fashion for a Cause. Step forward and help those in need, because every human being is special. This is an event that can change lives and you can be a part of it. So why wait?

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