Does applying makeup make you frustrated, mess with your self-esteem or leave you wondering why you never get it right?

Do you want to boost your confidence with makeup & learn tricks for creating a flawless, natural look?

Beauty may be in the eyes of beholder but there is no denying the fact that makeup is the ultimate weapon a woman has that makes her feel more confident, expressive and outgoing. It enhances the personality, helps you look, feel fabulous and confident.

Miss Fafah, an astounding certified Makeup Artist and Entrepreneur, has worked in the beauty industry for 10+ years. Her passion for skincare and makeup began when she was a young child who faced many hardships in pursuing her dream yet succeeded to build a highly successful career in makeup. She has been a leader ambassador at the New York Makeup Show and has been learning from the best: Danessa Myricks, Roque Cozette and much more.

She is also the CEO of FAFAH VEGAN COSMETICS and her business was recently featured by Facebook Business News as one inspiring small business that is empowering the community.

Miss Fafah has finally decided to invest time in teaching Makeup Masterclasses to women who are eager to boost their makeup skills. Since, Miss Fafah's motive has been always to spread the message of confidence and empowerment among women so here's another contribution by Miss Fafah to make it possible at its best. We feel really honored to announce about our master make-up class that will take place on August 21 at 11am - 3pm EST in Gaithersburg MD (Kentland)

That's right, this empowering Makeup Masterclass will change the way you look at makeup forever. In this confidence-boosting class you will learn:

• Fafah’s secret tips and tricks to instantly boost your confidence with makeup

• Practical ways and techniques to improve & revamp your makeup look

• Expert techniques for applying foundation, eyeshadow, mascara, eyeliner, blush, contouring & lipstick by Miss Fafah herself

• Step-by-step guide for easily creating a flawless, natural-look makeup

• How to enhance your features for a more beautiful more confident YOU

• Fafah’s trade secrets to an even, long-lasting makeup

• Memorable makeup tips that will stay with you forever

Besides the makeup enhancement, in this class, Fafah’s motive is to raise the confidence among the women to discover their passion and potential for empowerment. So what are you waiting for? Register yourself now and show the world you are confident and you can do anything you put our mind to because, “You're Born To Shine” - Miss Fafah

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