Fafah is a celebration of the true inner beauty of women that can be accentuated with self-love and self-affirmation. Makeup Artist, Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker, Visionary, and Activist Miss Clemence Fafah has always been actively involved in women rights, human rights, and environmental activism as well. Whether it’s donating a portion of proceeds from a fashion show to support sex trafficking survivors, supporting animals with vegan cruelty free makeup, or dropping palettes that promote self-love and women empowerment, Fafah Fashion aims to be less focused on a specific color scheme or skin finish, and more concerned with giving back. This is why Fafah Fashion is loved all over the world as it cares for its customers and allies to make this world a better place.

Since, Miss Fafah's motive has been always to spread the message of confidence and empowerment among women so here's another contribution by Miss Fafah to make it possible at its best. Fafah has been joining hands with many organizations for the well-being and prosperity of the society and has done it yet again. This time Fafah will be joining the GOTR (Girls on the run) MoCo, which is going to be held on 21st November 2021, at the Westfield Montgomery Mall (Old Sears parking lot).

Fafah is looking forward to helping and volunteering at the event with compassion and supporting the contestants and volunteering girls in the race. Fafah will be offering her most sought over makeup services to the organizers team and alsopromises to distribute VIP makeup bags among the contestants. Through her support, Fafah aims to empower and inspire women to break free from fear, complacency and expectations in order to make their dreams a reality. Because we believe that women run the world! 

Join your girls on the run and support with donations https://www.girlsontherunofmoco.org/

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