Your Eyes want the latest trends! And Fafah never misses a chance to stay one step ahead of the trends. This time too, we have tried to meet your expectations at its best.

Fafah’s False eyelashes are a quick-and-easy way to amplify your eyes and can make you look like a bolder more confident version of yourself. Regardless of your beauty M.O. — natural, bold, or somewhere in between — we have a set to suit your personal style. Whatever your preference, Fafah’s fake eyelasheswill give you the look-at-me-lashes you've always wanted.

Fafah has introduced 5 luxurious lash bundles, each lash in the bundle has its distinct yet beautiful story:

BEAUTIFUL SOUL LASHES contribute to a very eternal, sophisticated and sublime look. Because no doubt a beautiful soul is all that adds up to a beautiful personality.

BORN TO RISE LASHES will actually add more grace to your personality and make your eyes reveal the story behind your rising success.

CHERIE COCO LASHES, the perfect lashes for you cute dates that will make you fall in love with yourself again and again.

CAT EYES LASHES gets along perfectly with thicker wing on your beautiful eyes.

WAIT & SEE LASHES are alone enough to spice up your look and make everyone stop and stare.

These five amazing lashes have not only been on trending at Fafahs but are also considered to be makeup artists best red carpet tool. This bundle is specially created keeping our vegan customers in mind and is perfect for any eye shape, eye color and eye makeup look. Our Lashes are 100% cruelty-free, all our false eyelashes are hand crafted using 100% sterilized premium human hair and cruelty-free synthetic fibers. There is a sumptuousness and a luxury feel to the textures of our lashes.

Watch your confidence skyrocket with our beautiful eyelashes making your eyes appear expressive, brighter, bigger and more striking. Get your lashes bundle now, and let the world know that your mind is as bright as your eyes.


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