Are You Ready to Welcome your Favorite Eyeshadow Palette ?

 For those who like to pursue their passions, this palette will take you on a on a journey to create a life that is more enriching, meaningful and satisfying.

“Feeling beautiful is a choice for everyone, so make the choice”. Yes, this should be the slogan that you need to carve inside you. You must have the choice to look like what you want and you have to win yourself by achieving your desires of self affirmation. 

Our main aim at Fafah Cosmetics is to create a wave of self belief in women and make them look stronger and confident on every occasion of their life.
We feel proud to introduce you with our latest palette disc, the Spark A Dream Palette. We created this product with utmost care, creativity and love so that the magical color schemes with distinct color variations suit your every look. 

Imposing the idea of creating a color range that ranges from subtle to spunky outcomes. The metallic shimmer and glitter glam shades will help you achieve dreamy night looks whereas the lighter color schemes will help you master dusky day looks to perfection. 

Our color scheme includes delicate and alluring colors for various occasions or moods

  • Believe: For those who believe that self love is the key to success
  • CEO: Because you are the boss of your own life
  • Joy: This shade is sure to bring joy to any and everyone who sets eyes on it
  • Vision: You and only you are the ultimate vision of beauty and sophistication
  • Graduate: This shade will remind you of successes past
  • Level Up: Step up the game with this number

These shades have multiple variances, which get along with every important moment of your life and empower you with your desirable looks without having the concern regarding your skin type, due to its paraben free properties. Whereas the mineral oils give your skin a more soft and subtle touch. Its sweat proof property lets your makeup look stay for as long as you want to be in your diva avatar.

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