Do you dread eye makeup as it makes you frustrated, messes with your self-esteem and leaves you wondering why you never get it right?

Do you want to boost your confidence with makeup & learn tricks for creating a flawless, natural eye look?

Beauty may be in the eyes of beholder but there is no denying the fact that makeup is the ultimate weapon a woman has that makes her feel more confident, expressive and outgoing. It enhances the personality; helps you look and feel fabulous - and confident.

Miss Fafah, an astounding Makeup Artist and Entrepreneur, has worked in the beauty industry for 10+ years. She has finally decided to invest time in teaching women who are eager to boost their makeup skills. Fafah reveals her secret tips and tricks to instantly boost confidence with makeup and bestows her fans with step-by-step guides for easily creating a flawless, natural-look makeup that will teach you how to enhance your features for a more beautiful more confident YOU!

4 Useful tips for applying eyeshadow

Eye Makeup remains the most difficult element in makeup to date. But why worry when Fafah is here to share practical ways to improve & revamp your makeup look. With expert techniques for applying eye primer, eyeshadow, mascara, eyeliner, and eyeshadows, Fafah hopes that it will benefit her fans and teach them all there is to know in the art of eye makeup.

1- Apply a primer

Yes girl! The way you prime your face, the eyes need to be primed too. You need to even out the skin before applying any color on it. Try swatching on your wrist before applying for a perfect match!

2-  Wet applicator

That is right! You should use a wet brush if you are applying shimmery shade and satin textures. A wet applicator gives a glossy finish and a sunkissed glow that is all the rage these days!

3- Blending brush

Don’t forget to use a blending brush when applying matte colors. A blending brush made of goat hair is super soft and flat and thus avoids creating harsh lines. Blend blend blend for a natural barely there shade!

4- How to wet the brush

If you are wondering how to wet your brush, let us give you a tip! Use any type of makeup setting spray to wet your brush and not just plain water. The makeup setting spray will help to hold the colors in place. Voila! You are ready to shine like the star you are, or shall we say SUPERSTAR! 😉

Much love my beautiezZ and let me know how your makeup practice is going … Text or call me at 📱 240 217 6220 ~ Missfafah 


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