When you have a sound level of confidence, you not only adapt to life's difficulties, but you can be more healthy, more productive, and above all more confident. Our power to love and be loved can provide our lives with a feeling of purpose and profound satisfaction. We can also find fulfillment and pride in work-related achievements, just as the people we meet and work with can support our ability to be self-awareand our functionality throughout everyday life.

Fafah’s Teachings are a celebration of the true inner beauty of women that can be accentuated with self-love and self-affirmation. Entrepreneur, Visionary, and Activist Miss Clemence Fafah has always been determined to spread the message of confidence and empowerment among women, here she has revealed five ways to inspire women:

 1- Make a list of all the things you are proud of in your life

One needs to figure out how to unwind, disregard negative thoughts and sluggishness as these may pose serious health risks in the future. Doing something that you love can bring an incredible sensation of achievement and accomplishment providing you with an overwhelming sensation of inspiration. This will help you disregard feelings of discontent and stress.

 2- Think of things you're good at

Your thoughts and feelings reflect from within. It will show in your general aura and wellbeing. Positivism keeps you morerelaxed, grounded, and confident. You must say goodbye to your negative contemplations and feelings of stress and anxiety. You should love yourself more and realize your self-esteem which leads to more positive activities. Keep away from self-destructive habits but rather focus on your futureand what you are good at.

 3- Set some goals

A person who knows and feels their motivation in life will have a better chance at carrying on with a better way of life. Having a profound feeling of achievement and conviction will likewise help one with being stronger and centered throughout everyday life.

 4- Encourage yourself

Positive thinking to build confidence is effective and significant, particularly in our everyday life. Nothing beats or kills confidence except a person who constantly looks down on himself. An individual who is afraid to reach his own maximum potential will never emanate into the individual he wants to be. Without positive affirmations, an individual simply self-questions himself which restricts the possibilities that the person should reach. Thus one’s negative thinking can become the biggest hurdle in his success as that force of negativity always pulls him down.

5- Do something fun you like

Keep in mind the power of positive thinking. We conceivewhat we believe. Having positive contemplations about our lives will encourage positive things in our daily lives. You begin seeing the great side of things. Go after things you love doing like learning a skill, going to school, and different things that can contribute a lot to your personal growth and self-improvement.

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